FW 21-22 Collection


Outdoor Euphoria’s inspirational source is the desire to rejoin the outdoor landscapes.Difficult times made us realize how important it is to be outside, to be freely living the surrounding environments.


The design and the fabrics of the Collection are versatile, trans-seasonal and combinable. Down jackets, technical garments, elegant coats create infinite possibilities to live the outdoor spaces.


The main colours, warm and earthy, represent a wide range of natural hues all over the seasons’ changements: from gold to burgundy, from dark green to midnight blue, from chocolate brown to the tones of beige.

Fresh air on the skin.
The joy of running in a field.
The adrenaline of exploring unseen landscapes.


FW 20-21 Collection


“City Wanderer” is a versatile and innovative outerwear Collection, conceived to strike the perfect balance between a sophisticated Italian design and the urban need for functionality and comfort.


Clear-cut lines, innovative fabrics and handmade details are the key features of the Collection, which brings together the need for experimental contaminations and the valuable heritage of a Made in Italy production.


The fabrics and the raw materials include recycled fibers and printed nylons, technical weather-proof technologies and refined cashmere blends. Versatile designs and heterogeneous fabrics and textures create the perfect wardrobe for every “city wanderer”: women who explore the city in all of its everyday dimensions.