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Among the ten destinations you cannot afford to miss according to the Lonely Planet guide, the top destination of 2017 is Canada!

Canada offers breath-taking landscapes; its mountains, lakes and vast forests will charm even the most sceptical city lovers. However, this beautiful country is also famous for the inclusiveness and impeccable politeness that characterize its dynamic cities.
Toronto, along Lake Ontario; Montréal, the largest city of Canada; Vancouver, surrounded by mountains in the beautiful region of British Columbia, are just a few representative examples.



Vancouver offers not only the thousands of activities that a city like this can have, but also incredible adventures in the nature that surrounds it. Do not miss the rope bridge!



Victoria Island

Situated in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago that straddles the boundary between Nunavut and the Northwest Territories of Canada. It is the eighth largest island in the world.
A luxurious hotel welcomes the visitors that reach this awesome place. The houseboats characterize the structure of the village.




Among the most thrilling attractions of Canada, Niagara Falls State Park is a destination to see! This adventure-packed experience is not far away from the city of Toronto. You should go up to the top of the CN Tower where the floor is a glass layer and gives to you the sensation of walking suspended in the air.



Some recommended activities

  • The Wild Whales experience allows you to observe the diverse wildlife of the Pacific Coast in their natural habitat. It is unforgettable.
  • Taste the most delicious salmon burger at Granville Island!
  • The ziplines experience will give you a unique perspective of Grouse Mountain, combining heart-pounding thrills with an exploration of BC’s old-growth forest!



But what can you bring with you during your Canadian adventure?

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